Portland's Hottest Tiles - Graphic Tile PatternsFlooring is a key aspect for maintaining your home and keeping its appearance up to date. While some flooring materials can be on the more expensive side, tile for the most part has been a more affordable option and with all the benefits, styles and colors available to choose from it can satisfy almost any design option. So, now enters in the hottest tile on the design scene right now – Graphic Tile Patterns and in particular Encaustic Tiles.

You have probably seen this type of tile design shown on any one of the numerous home improvement shows, social media networks or perhaps showcased in a home design magazine, but you are most likely not sure what they are or what they’re called. This tile feature hitting the home design circuit by storm is called Encaustic Tile or sometimes it’s just included in the graphic tile pattern category. These tiles are primarily cement but a more affordable product is now being produced in ceramic. Both tiles can be adorned with geometric or decorative patterns. The old-world cement and specialized ceramic tiles have a pattern not just placed on the surface in glaze but are created from different colors of clay. The most popular version is usually shown in two colors, but the tile can be a composite of as many as 5 or 6. The best part is the embedded clay creates formidable protection in high traffic patterns, since the color can not be worn down or rubbed off. The pattern runs through the entire material of the tile and will remain intact as the traffic pattern erosion happens over time. Giving this product beautiful longevity. But don’t worry if you love the look but not the price tag, you can always choose the new ceramic version that’s now available.

Stunning Encaustic Tile Use Within Your Home

Dating back hundreds of years these gorgeous tiles have history. So, what is old has become new again and it’s all the rage again. Anyone seeing them installed within a room can clearly see why. While they have the flexibility to be used in a contemporary design, they can equally complement a traditional one. The color palettes for encaustic tiles are either subtle tones that help bring sophistication to a space or they can also come in bright or highly contrasting colors. This offers a unique style sensibility to these tiles. Tiling can be challenging when we are wanting warmth in the design but somehow these spectacular pieces do just that – they draw a real warmth to a room.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways top designers are using these stunning tiles.

Kitchen or Bath Backsplash

Graphic Tile Patterns - PortlandCreating an inviting kitchen or bathroom space can be easily achieved with these gorgeous graphic tiles. When you walk into the room where they are installed, the geometric and ornate patterns grab your attention immediately! The distinct patterns play off the soft neutral color palettes beautifully. This offers even more impact and interest within your room.

Blue Pattern Encaustic TileDon’t feel you have to just stay within the neutral colors either. There are many selections of patterns and colors to choose from. You can pick a subtle blue monochromatic tile or decide on a bright multi-color intricate patterned tile that brings a bright pop to an accent wall.


Graphic Pattern Tiles for The Dining RoomThe days of plain old solid tile flooring are changing drastically and so many designers are quick to get on board. The trend to consider a type of tile that is bold, stylish, interesting and fun is taking center stage. Usually when most people think of tile, they think of one solid color stretched out acrossed a specific area or those small multi-colored stone or glass tiles used in backsplashes or showers. The encaustic tile style with its sweeping detail or bold geometric patterns are making people rethink tile altogether. Originally most people only considered placing tile in their bathrooms, kitchen or laundry rooms, primarily because of its water-resistant nature. But today there is an opportunity to change everything up dramatically and people are excited by the choices. Try using graphic tile patterns in your dining room, living room, hallways and any other space, simply because of their fabulous designs and stylish good looks!

Fireplace Surround

Patterned Tile Fireplace Surround Move over brick and stone, you have a new competitor in town and it’s better than ever! If you are looking for a focal point in your room then tiling your fireplace with a graphic tile pattern is the ticket. The look delivers an old-world European charm and with so many bold prints to choose from you can reimagine any kind of design look you desire. When working with a neutral color scheme the tiles take the spotlight and produce a chic design that feels like it just emerged out of a home design photoshoot.

Most of the tiles are in an 8×8 inch format, but with a creative layout, you can pretty much design a masterpiece and it requires no artwork to be hung on the fireplace afterward. All you have to do is to decide on your color palette and the graphic tile pattern that most appeals to you. Once you have that nailed, you’ll be ready to go!

The opportunity to capitalize on the encaustic tile trend in Portland is in large part due to the advances in the technology of producing these tiles easily. Hold on to your hat you will see more and more of these tiles peeking out from the top designers’ interior designs. Whether you are considering creating a small tiled floor rug accent or covering the entire surface with graphic tile patterned – encaustic tiles, you will be excited with the final results. Reach out to our knowledgeable design team and let them guide you through your tile selection process.